Disney Christmas Tree
In toontown there are many holidays to celebrate. They even celebrate the fourth of July, Halloween, and Christmas! There are 4 main holidays that occur every week in toontown. On Monday there's the Goofy Speedway Toontown Grand Prix in which you can race your friends and earn EXTRA tickets! On Tuesday, there's Trolley Tracks the day in which if you bring you and another toon on a trolley, you cast votes in which to decide which game you play! Then there's Bingo Wednesdays in which you use your fishing skills to earn Jellybeans playing Bingo! Finally there's Silly Saturdays where at random times the TTGP, TT, and FB are all played! As said earlier, toontown also celebrates real holidays to. On the fourth of July every hour you get a glimpse of fantastic fireworks! On halloween earn jellybeans by trick-or-treating and if you solve a puzzle, you earn a pumpkin head. Finally for christmas: decorations are everywhere to celebrate the holiday for a whole month! Also on New Years Eve! observe the longest firework show ever! (10 minutes) in the skies of toontown at midnight!