Tutorial 2
Tutorial 1
Meet Tutorial Tom! He guides you through the basics on how to play toontown! He also introduces gags. (Cupcake & Squirt Flower) At first he introduces cogs, then cog building transformation, then the cogs' weakness, and finally introduces your laff meter. The meter that determines your happiness, "A happy toon is a healthy toon!" He says. After which tutorial Tom will exclaim that there's a cog outside his shop (Flunky level 1 Bossbot) In which you receive your first toontask to defeat him. You then exit TT's store and fight the Flunky. Once you defeat the VERY weak Flunky, Tutorial Tom shall appear and thank you and in return directs you to a toon HQ that happens to be there. (lol) You then enter and receive a Schtiker Book and you learn how to use its pages. You then get assigned by HQ Officer Harry to ride the trolley and earn what Toontown considers currency: Jellybeans. After which, you go and meet Flippy who teaches you how to use Speedchat and Speedchat Plus! (Chat must be learned on your own!) Then he runs through a tunnel in which you follow into the Toontown Central Playground. You then locate the trolley and play a trolley game! After which a gag seller explains purchasing gags and you get a glimpse of all the throw and squirt gags! They then ask you to leave and you return to a nearby Toon HQ. (A building with a Firehat and big Bendable Telescope sticking out) They then tell you that the end of the world shall occur because the cogs stole their blackboard eraser! (lol) you then are assigned to go into the streets and fight a cog and the first one you fight HAPPENS to be the one that stole the eraser. (LOLZ) You then return to HQ. After this you get assigned atask to make a friend on toontown which is very easy if you can find a sucker who'll be friends with you. (Unless you already have a friend, then this task is not assigned) When you return you're told to tleleport to your house and observe how Clarabelle's Catalog works on this old-fashioned phone. When you are done you teleport back to the playground and receive a +1 point laff boost when you return the task! Thus indicating that you have finally finished the toon-torial!