Here are some strategies in battle that can help you: (Note: These are not my ideas or anything created by me all credit goes to Disney's toontown online Players Guide!!)

SUPER COG COMBO - four toons vs. two or more cogs

One toon chooses an all cogs lure. This will lure all the cogs and keep them from attacking the next round. Another toon then targets one cog to squirt, waking him from his lure. The other two toons then choose drop on the woken cog. Proceed to the next cog and do the same squirt/drop combo until they're all defeated.

BUILDING BUSTER - four toons vs. one high-leveled cog

One toon chooses trap, the other chooses a single cog lure, and two choose throw. Voila!

LAFF BOOST - four toons vs. one or more cogs

Three toons shoose toon-up, the last one chooses lure. This keeps the cog(s) from attacking the freshly tooned-up toons!