Chip and Dales acorn acres

Goofy is the main statue for chip and dales

Chip n' Dales Acorn Acres is like a little National Park in toontown where you can golf, have a picnic and take a ride on the Ol' Toonful geyser. The treasure are acorns and can boost laff by 3. The golf courses range from medium to hard and also there's an entrance to Bossbot HQ. You can also go swimming and have lunch with someone really special to you. You can have up to 4 toons at maximum to join you in a game of golf where you earn trophies and if enough trophies, a laff point boost! There's also a new attraction under construction at chip and dales but it's not yet known about or recognized except a shed being there with a sign. But either way, Chip and Dale are there to! and be sure to be at chip and dales to enjoy the halloween or christmas decor. Also be there on the 4th of July to enjoy the fantastic fireworks every hour! All you have to do is have goling skills and know where to find it. Just go to donalds dock and look for a shed by the pond. Labeled: Chip N' Dales Acorn Acres!