CFO Elevator

Cashbot HQ is the place where Cashbots Roam and Exchange Trains drive. (If you get runover by one of these you lose 10 laff) There are three "factories" in the HQ: The Coin Mint, The Dollar Mint, And The Bullion Mint. None of these are really hard but they are in order from the shortes length to the longest because the coin mint only has a few puzzles/battles while the bullion mint has a LOT! Here is the required laff in which to enter the Mint's:

Coin Mint: Any Laff amount

Dollar Mint: 66 laff atleast

Bullion Mint: 71 laff atleast

To fight the boss the CFO (Corporate Federal Officer) you must have the Cashbot disquise. The CFO is a battle with two rounds: Fighting, then fighting the CFO!