BBHQ is home to the club house where bossbots are roaming. This is home to the evil Front Three, the terrible Middle Six, and the dreaded Back Nine! It is also the only location in which you shall find V.2.0. cogs which means that they have to be destroyed once, then they transform into a skelecog and you must defeat thyem again! BBHQ also has the feared the avoided: Clubhouse, home of the CEO! (Chief Executive Officer) in which you must use your bossbot disquise to go through three rounds of fighting, serving, then fighting the CEO! You earn you BB disquise by completing toontasks' after finishing Donald's Dreamland Tasks'. There is a required laff limit in order to fight the Courses though:

Front Three: No limit

Middle Six: 101 laff limit

Back Nine: 106 laff limit